KakaClo Quality Control Center Provides
Customers With The Best Quality

KakaClo applies strict quality inspection to every single piece before shipping them out, thus you can rest assured with your customer satisfaction regarding the quality of products.

Why Choose KakaClo To Dropship Clothes

KakaClo, the industry-leading apparel supply chain platform, provides Dropshipping Service for products available in stock in European and American warehouses.

Professional R&D team and Its own apparel factory

KakaClo provides the customers with latest unique on-trend items with super competitive prices

Independent quality inspection center

Unlike other dropshipping suppliers, KakaClo does strict quality inspection itself before every single piece being shipped out

Global logistics and warehousing system

Ensures fast and effective order processing and delivery and now has warehouses in Europe America and China

User friendly integration solutions

KakaClo users can easily add their own stores to KakaClo platform and upload products with only a few clicks

Ecommerce Platform Integrations Available

How Does Dropshipping Work On KakaClo


Listing Product

Upload products from KakaClo to your store with one click


Receiving Order

Your customer places an order on your online store


Checking Quality

Strict quality inspection before every single piece being shipped out.


Fulfiling Package

Real-time traceable delivery fulfilled by KakaClo

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